1NTERRUPT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit made up of hackers, researchers, developers, educators, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. We love what we do, and we want to introduce you to our world. All of the 1NTERRUPT organizers, volunteers, and guest speakers are industry professionals who work in the IT and cyber security world every day.


1NTERRUPT events are focused on the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, fostering local communities, and building relationships. We invite local public and private high school students with an interest in cyber security, open source development, and entrepreneurship to join us. 1NTERRUPT is not a sixth day of school. We consider every person who participates to be a new colleague, therefore, we aim to excite, encourage, and challenge – and we expect to be challenged back. The format of the day will involve demos, open discussion, Q&A with industry professionals, hands-on, and even role playing. Topics include networking security, secure app development, and open-source hardware development.

If we’ve done our jobs, you will walk away excited to learn more and with the tools, understanding, and connections to do so. Just bring your curiosity, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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